FIGURE IT OUT: The Fantasy Game of Deduction

 | Spring 2015


This project was made for Rachel Ivanoff's Systems and Communications class. The goal was to map out the system of a game of her choice, and then redesign and add in unique mechanics, turning the game into something new. Rachel constructed the entirety of the board, the score cards, re-purposed dice from another board game, and created all the art that went into this game. The character pieces were purchased from a local tabletop gaming store, but the die were customized with stickers for hp counters and added a unique mechanism to the game. One of the elements of Figure It Out tracks character health points, and it affects the game  when characters run out of hit points (HP).


The Rules, and close up character and weapon sheets for FIGURE IT OUT can be read in the attached PDF below.

Game Rules/Objectives


Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, X-Acto Knife, Book board, Corner rounder.

"Shepard Abyad" Character figure from Figure It Out on board

Sticker on box top